About us

If you are staying at a Kuala Lumpur Hotel for a business trip, but simply don’t have the time to walk over to a massage palour because your schedule doesn’t allow it, or if you simply prefer to receive a pampering session in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room, then our outcall visiting massage service is for you.

Our certified therapists will come to your door, no need to even leave your hotel room.

Deep Tissue Traditional Massage

Deep tissue body massage is known to be one of the most effective healing therapies available today. It incorporates a series of hard pressures, multiple strokes, and many other massage techniques to achieve your primary goals. Whether you are trying to cure a strained muscle or you want to enjoy a more general set of benefits, deep tissue body massage can be the perfect treatment to opt for.

Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish body massage is a form of soft massage that can be highly enjoyable but still very beneficial nonetheless. Unlike deep-tissue body massage, a Swedish body massage treatment incorporates a series of soft touches, strokes, and similar rituals to stimulate nerve endings and relieve tension off your muscles. Since Swedish body massage is a therapeutic massage, only the best and well-trained therapists can deliver maximum benefits and the ultimately soothing experience.

Holistic Full Body Massage

Holistic massage is an integrated therapeutic method that combine different principles of massage and bodywork. Holistic massage incorporates physical, emotional, and spiritual elements and supports a holistic mind-body approach to wellness rather than drawing on either a physiological or environmental viewpoint.

Our massage therapists are Trained from China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Thailand. They are trained in our Training School before been certified to provide professional massage to our esteemed customers.